What is SHINE?

SHINE is the newly revamped NRHH Mentorship program. SHINE is actually an acronym that stands for Students Helping Encourage New Experiences. The program is designed to encourage current NRHH members to be more active in the organization and potential members to learn about how great it is to be an NRHH diamond and be involved with housing in general.

The program is a single semester commitment.

Who can be a part of SHINE?

To be a mentor you must be a current member of NRHH or someone who is eligible and planning to apply this semester

To be a mentee you must be someone interested in getting more involved with UF Housing, either through IRHA and Area Governments, or through potentially being an RA, RCA, or Peer Mentor.

Requirements of the program:

There are mandatory events that are required to be a part of the program:

  • Kickoff/Reveal (September)
  • 1 Mentorship Social (October)
  • 1 NRHH Service Project (November)
  • OTM (December)
  • Celebration/Banquet (December)

Events (Kickoff, Social, and Banquet) are required. Service Project more flexible as there are going to be several opportunities. If you miss an event you can make up for it by writing an OTM but it has to be in the month you miss the event.