General OTMs

The General OTM categories are:

Advisor – This includes NRHH, IRHA, AG, SAB, Mayors’ Council, or other housing organization/event advisers.

Custodial/Maintenance – This category includes any housing staff in Building Services or Maintenance Services.

Desk Assistant – This includes senior clerks, night clerks and desk attendants. This category excludes residents assistants, who can be submitted under the resident assistant category.

Executive Board Member – This includes any IRHA, SAB, Mayors’ Council or NRHH Executive Board Member (not area government/council officers).

First-Year Experience – This includes any student in their 1st year of involvement in housing activities (regardless of number of credit hours).

Graduate Assistant – This category includes any housing graduate staff (GHDs, Judicial Grad, SLE Grad, and GFH CA).

Institution Faculty/Staff – This is used for professors, instructors, teaching assistants, and other university staff who do not work for housing (UPD Scope Officers, GatorWell, academic advisers, Faculty-in-Residence, etc.).

Organization – This category is to recognize the outstanding efforts of an entire organization.

Resident Assistant – This includes any RA, RCA, or Peer Mentor.

Residential Community – This includes living communities (floors, sections, houses), RA Staffs, and executive boards.

Residence Life Faculty/Staff – This is used for any housing staff, including Area Coordinators, Residence Directors, SLE staff, and ADHs.

Spotlight – This includes any group or individual that does not fit into one of the above categories. This is a miscellaneous category.

Student – This is students who have lived in the residence halls and/or have been involved with an area government for a year or more.