Recognizing Outstanding Student Employees (ROSE) Award

The ROSE award program was established in 1995 to recognize the outstanding effort and performance of the various student employees that work for the Department of Housing.

Every spring semester, one nominee from each category below is chosen to receive this award. Nominations can be submitted by any interested party. The due date for each semesters ROSE awards will be listed on our calendar, typically in March.

The ROSE Award categories are:
1) RA Staff – Any RA/RCA is eligible for this award.
2) Graduate Staff – Any GCC, SRA, SJA and any other graduate staff members are eligible
3) Other Student Staff – Any Desk Assistant, Desk Manager, Furniture Mover, Student Assistant, Lifeguard, Librarian, Resident TV Operator, DHNet Helpdesk or other student staff not defined in the above categories are eligible.
4) Graduate and Family Housing Staff – Any student staff member that works in Graduate and Family Housing is eligible.

We ask that you be very specific in your nomination letter or document. The ROSE Award selection committee can only consider and discuss what is on paper to be fair to all candidates. This means that even if a committee member works with that staff member, they can not bring in any outside knowledge that is not written in that candidate’s nomination. Please do not assume the committee will know anything about your nominee. Specific examples are VERY helpful, as most nominees are conceptually competitive and many times the committee needs a deciding factor to select the most qualified candidate for the award.

The criteria that each nomination will be judged on are as follows:
– Excellence in job performance
– Outstanding service to residents, fellow employees, etc.
– Exceeds normal expectations
– Willingness to go above and beyond job requirements
– Consistent cooperation and helpfulness
– Initiative and/or creativity in performing assigned duties (if applicable)

We ask that you limit your nominations to no more than 2 type-written pages. Nominations must be submitted to the NRHH Associate Director of Administration.

This is one of the most prestigious awards a student staff member can receive, so please nominate those who you know are deserving of this very highly regarded award!

Nomination Form: ROSE